Apartments Rab/Rab

Rab (on the island has a population of 9100 inhabitants) - belongs to Primorje-Gorski Kotar county. Places that are located on the island of Rab (except the same name) are: Supetarska Dear, Mundanije, Banjol, Palit, Barbat, Lopar and Kampor. Rab is traffic bound for the administrative and cultural center of the county - the city of Rijeka. Rab Rijeka has the airport, access to the highway to Zagreb and Split, and ferry lines to all important tourist destination in the Croatian coast and the Mediterranean. Rab-crkva As in all islands is noticeable decrease in the number of inhabitants. Rab-Panorama Solutions, which deals with the Adriatic population are fishing, shipbuilding, agriculture and traditional (for many years) tourism, which in this beautiful island has a tradition. Rab-kaić Rab City belongs to the medieval center of Croatia, which is dangerous walls. Rab-zidine Recognized the Romanesque style, which is recognizable in 4 towers. Rab As in the history of Rab was a Roman settlement then received and your status ( ten o'clock years before Christ). Rab-with-more The city can find the Gothic and Renaissance portals, which were emblems rich noble family. Rab - the town Rab is situated in the very south of the Kvarner group of islands, facing Velebit. Rab-set sunca Rab Island, is unlike most of the Adriatic island covered with lush vegetation and green forests. Rab Fisheries, agriculture and livestock provide the gastro punudi homemade meals (homemade cheese, ham, salted anchovies, many kinds of high quality fish, shellfish, shrimp, lobster, and a large selection of local wines). Similarly, on the island of Rab is a large number of local taverns, restaurants, cafe and pizzeria. For those tourists who want a little more night entertainments are nearby night clubs and discotheques. During the entire summer, almost every place on the island of Rab and the nearby tourist destinations on the mainland has its own festival which gathered a large number of local inhabitants and tourists, who enjoy food, drinks, songs and music of famous artists estradnih. Come to Rab, because it offers a large number of apartments, and one of them will for sure be yours.

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